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Newfoundland Pilates is dedicated to helping clients to help themselves. Classes are focused on meeting the needs of participants on the day. I particularly enjoy creating sessions tailored to specific individuals and therefore specialize in teaching small classes or private sessions.

Newfoundland Pilates aims to create a positive and encouraging environment in which to learn. Here you will be listened to and together we can do great things.

About Miranda

I came to Pilates through dance and a genuine love of communicating about movement. After finishing my MA in Dance Studies I found that Pilates allowed me to use all of myself in my work.

I am qualified to teach Pilates Matwork, Pilates equipment and Postural Stability/Fall Prevention. I have been teaching Pilates matwork since 2006 and in 2007 I finished my Pilates Equipment training. My training was with the Pilates Foundation UK and took over 400 hours to complete with a practical and a written exam. I find Pilates a great way of building and maintaining strength and flexibility which allow me to move comfortably in everyday life.

Teaching Fall Prevention is a natural progression from my Pilates as clients started to ask about exercise suitable for their parents who were starting to fall. My qualification is from Later Life Training.

Pilates Foundation teacher

What is Pilates?

How can it help me?

Pilates is a safe, effective and dynamic system of low-impact body conditioning exercises.

Pilates helps to

These things can make movement easier and that makes life more comfortable.

The precise nature of Pilates exercise makes it a valuable part of recovery from injury and the pursuit of individual fitness goals.

Classes focus on establishing core strength and muscle pattern retraining. Understanding how to release unnecessary tension and work efficiently are important parts of this process.

Types of classes

To suit all ages and abilities

Pilates Mat classes

In Mat classes the exercises are performed standing, sitting or lying on a mat. Small equipment such as blocks, resistance bands and balls may be used. Maximum 5 participants.

Equipment/Apparatus Classes

These classes use apparatus to add another layer to the exercises. Exercises are tailored to the participants as they move through the circuit of equipment. These classes have a maximum of three participants.

Fall Prevention/Postural Stability

Build better balance, strength and flexibility. Improve health and confidence. The classes are for those who are starting to fall or fear falling. Exercises are done sitting on a chair or standing near a chair and are taught by a qualified Postural Stability Instructor.

Postural stability helps by:

Stable and able

Fall prevention and postural stability

Strength and Balance classes to help prevent falls and injuries to older adults.

Falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors and veterans in Canada. They account for more than half of all injuries among seniors. Veteran Affairs Canada

These classes are for those who have had a fall or who worried about falling. Exercises are done sitting on or standing near a chair and are taught by a qualified Postural Stability Instructor.

We may use small equipment such as ankle weights and resistance bands, which will be provided.

Use a walker? You and your walked are very welcome. Use a walking stick? Bring it along.

Fall Prevention classes will help you to

These skills and additional leg strength will allow you to maintain your independence, improve enjoyment of daily living and reduce likelihood and length of a hospital admission.

Book a class

Fall Prevention

Yoga Kula at Coaker's Meadow Plaza, 286 Torbay Road

10.30am - 11.30am: Stable and Able Fall Prevention

To book phone Miranda: (709) 699 8923


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Exhale Pilates & Yoga at Churchill Square

10.00am - 11.00am: Reformer

To book phone Exhale Pilates: (709) 739 1954

What my clients say

Success stories

We hobbled into your studio on a bad hip and a damaged knee. You cheerfully, steadily and scientifically put us back on our feet. Thank you so much. D&B

Hi Miranda
Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciated taking your Pilates course at lunch hour. As a single working Mom I find it hard to carve out some "Me-Time" for exercise. This class provided me a great opportunity for:
  • Me-Time
  • Back-strengthening
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increase in my energy level
I have a weak back and sitting at a desk all day doesn't seem to improve it. As well I am prone to inflamed SI joints. So I am a regular visitor to the physiotherapist's office. As a result of your Pilates class I haven't seem my physiotherapist in a very long time.
The couple of classes I have missed during this session have made it really obvious to my body. When I don't take Pilates on a regular basis I feel my flexibility decrease and my back starts to bother me.
Miranda, you are an excellent teacher. I don't have to strain my neck to look and see what you are doing because you're instructions are very descriptive and make it easy for me to learn new exercises.
My only negative comment is that I'm not doing this 3 times a week SH

The weekly class really reduces the muscle strain I develop at the computer, especially so in my upper back and shoulders.
After class I feel relaxed, it's easier to breath and I know I am getting stronger without hurting my joints. It's great for shaking off the cobwebs. AD

Before taking Pilates I honestly did not know what it was all about although I had heard stories... turns out it was not as scary as I had heard.
Due to a neck injury I have to be selective in what type of exercise I participate in and much to my delight Pilates is perfect for me and perfect for anyone who sits/stands all day.
It is composed mostly of stretching and toning those flabby muscles. I feel taller whenever I leave class. DK (Information and publications) 54

Pilates has totally altered my life! I love it. They gym was boring. Pilates is never boring. I often hurt myself in the gym, but after Pilates I just feel better - LOADS better.
I no longer have lower back pain and my posture is better, I no longer have to get up two or three times a night to visit the bathroom, so I feel better rested. I also feel that I am in control of my arthritic body now, not that it's controlling me. Christine (Chiropodist) 60

I've suffered from chronic lower back and neck pain for over a decade. I've tried most cures, seen endless doctors and had weekly treatment with physiotherapists. It was a physio who recommended Miranda to me and I am very glad I took their advice.
I've been doing individual weekly Pilates sessions with Miranda for about 3 months now and I'm really beginning to feel the benefits. After a few weeks I started to notice the positive effects and as my core strength has improved my lower back pain has significantly diminished.
In general I'm alot more flexible and limber - to the extent that although I still do daily exercises myself I have not needed any physio since I started the Pilates.
Miranda is an excellent teacher and I really look forward to my weekly sessions. James (Lawyer) 42

Miranda’s Pilates classes are a really good de-stresser both mentally and physically. I feel myself slowly unfurling over the course of the class and leaving the day behind me. Even if I feel sluggish and think I might give it a miss I’m always glad I attended as I have much more energy afterwards. Anna (Policy Advisor)

Classes are easy to follow and fun - have been coming for a year now and would really miss not doing it! Rachel (Administrator)

Since coming to Pilates my posture has improved ten fold and I think I have gained overall strength. It has also whittled down my waist and I feel much more toned and defined. I would, and have recommended it to all of my friends and family as a great way to invest in your body for the future. I will be lithe and mobile into my twilight years with Pilates! Barb (Communications Manager)

On Pelvic Floor and Pilates Basics: Extremely informative and clear

Very helpful, now I understand how to do pelvic floor exercise in a way that I hadn’t when it was explained to me after having my baby 11 years ago. After just 4 classes I already notice an improvement. It is so encouraging and empowering to know that I can effect change.

This class has been a real revelation to me. After just a few sessions I already feel more confident. Information is clearly communicated and I am at ease in the class. Pelvic Floor exercise isn’t something ‘other’ anymore but part of me and part of my life SS

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709 699 8923