About newfoundland Pilates

Pilates is run by Miranda Leather, a qualified Pilates instructor with several years teaching experience in both North America and the UK. Miranda currently teaches Pilates matwork sessions.

Drawing on experience gained during her MA in Dance Studies, the aim of Miranda's Pilates teaching is to provide her students with a positive, enjoyable and thoughtful approach to developing body awareness and ease of movement.

What is Pilates and how can it help me?

Pilates is a safe, effective and dynamic system of low-impact body conditioning exercises.

Pilates helps to

  • build core stability
  • improve posture
  • release tension
  • increase flexibility and strength
  • establish efficient muscle use

The precise nature of Pilates exercise makes it a valuable part of recovery from injury and the pursuit of individual fitness goals.

Classes focus on establishing core strength and muscle pattern retraining. Understanding how to release unnecessary tension and work efficiently are important parts of this process.